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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Still here...

How's that "follow-through" working out for you?? Actually... it kind of is. Baby steps. Of course. I joined Weight Watchers yesterday. I did WW before kids, and it did work. It was just fussy and hard to keep track of everything. But, now I have the most awesome phone... and yes, there is an app for that ass.

The Weight Watchers meetings never really appealed to me. I GET why they work for a lot of people. I just never need a bunch of strangers golf-clapping in order to encourage me. Usually, once I set my mind to things, I just DO them. Staying with things... well I am just all kinds of ADD.

So, anyway... I joined their "e-tools" and get to track everything on my iPhone. The site is awesome too, and there are recipes and a message board... also a "recipe builder" where you can input all ingredients and their amounts, and it calculates the Points for it. So, for instance... when I saw Ree posted those awesome Toffee Coffee Bars, the first thing I did was input everything into the recipe builder, and then it told me the Points for each bar is 4! (Just as a comparison, 2 slices of Oroweat 100% Whole Wheat Bread is 3 Points.)

I am committed to being healthier, and losing weight. My foray into Couch to 5K was ruined by our rash of rainy weather... but I will restart again as soon as the weather clears.

Travis and I are doing a 3K fun run at the end of next month together. I think I will bring the jogger and toss Ashley in as well!


Nellie said...

woop woop!! i've missed you. glad to hear your still baby steppin' :)

Christine said...

Yeah... just keep getting sidetracked by Monsters, Inc. AKA the kiddos! ;)

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