Mom of My Dreams

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Because I am made of awesome...

I dropped Travis off at school today and waited as I always do for him to do his "jobs".

The kids hang up their backpacks, get out their lunchboxes, and put their snacks in their cubbies. Then they sign in by putting their nametag in the basket.

I was chatting with a friend and the teacher while Travis did his jobs. I saw that he went over to the Lego Table before signing in. I gently reminded him, and asked if he got his snack out.

He said "yes mommy, I got my cwementines" I was puzzled. I had not packed clementines. Thinking he was just making up that he got his snack out, I followed him to his cubby.

Sure enough, a whole peeled Clementine sat in a snack sized ziploc. With a star wars sticker on the front. Just like I had packed for him. ON FRIDAY!!

Eew. He had it in the front compartment of his backpack all weekend. But it looked perfectly fine. I am soooo glad he didn't eat it!!! :p


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