Mom of My Dreams

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

One little word

This year has had its ups and downs...And "open" - my one little word for 2011 has served me well. I succeeded in my goal of running a half marathon in July. I stress fractured my big toe in the process. I found some awesome supplements to help me reign in the anxiety and negative thoughts that always manage to creep into my head. We made the decision to move forward with walking away from this house.

Even though our credit score will most likely be eviscerated in the process... It's the right decision at this time. Just like purchasing the house was the right decision at that time.

The realization that happiness is once and for all realizable and tangible, and doesn't come from anything bought in a store. Square footage is as much a blight as a blessing. The next order of business is finding a place, and starting over. And we are not looking back.

The next place will be about family photos framed on the wall, and attempting to make a home from a rented house. (thank you Feist!)

Slowing down. Continuing my journey to get fitter and healthier... Physically and mentally. We all deserve as much. I mean a weight that begins with a "1" isn't a bad place to start. I was there for a short while... And now I find myself about 8 pounds away. I realize this place (geographically and more) is a huge barrier to my happiness. I NEED to be within a few miles of the ocean. Early morning or evening runs along the shore without having to be hyper-aware of my surroundings. I want to have lunch with my husband several days a week. To go to the Farmers Market weekly again... To pop into Trader Joe's and not be concerned about my frozen things thawing on the drive home.

These simple things... Like spending more time creating and less spent driving. More photographs taken and less worry lines created.

Simplifying, decluttering - starting fresh and clean. I am SO looking forward to it all. New routines, not taking my surroundings for granted. All of it. Future Plans. Like running the 2nd half of the SF Marathon this summer in the time allotted, and fracture-free. But that's just icing, right? :)

My one little word for 2012 is "transform." And I already like the direction things are headed.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Oh, hey there...

So I've been considering trying to you know... Actually start blogging again. And maybe even stay with it? Ha! Guess we will see. ;)