Mom of My Dreams

Friday, January 6, 2012

Getting the hell outta Dodge

Things I will certainly not miss when we move out of this house:
1. Constant sirens (close proximity to the hospital as well as various crime scenes)
2. Horrendous "music" in the form of late-night bass-y Mexican Polka from almost nightly weekend parties in the neighborhood, our next door neighbor's crappy garage band, and finally, the drunken Asian karaoke.
3. The creepers who park directly across the street from my house day and night and walk down into the creek-bed to do whatever creeper crap it is that they do.
4. The endlessly barking dogs. Seriously. Let them in at night.
5. The near daily graffiti "decorating" public and private property. It's a never-ending battle... Why yes, I do have graffiti abatement on my speed dial. Don't you?