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Friday, March 5, 2010

Crazy crazy life

So, this whole EATING thing?! It is working! I have lost 4.8 pounds since MONDAY! My biggest downfall has always been "forgetting" to eat. It's not hard to do with crazy mornings where coffee starts me off, and then we rush out the door!

Like this morning... oh, I need to back up...

YESTERDAY on the way home from picking up Travis from school, I realized we needed gas. I was planning on stopping at the Safeway near our house (they have a gas station there, with good gas prices, and we get an extra 3 cents off a gallon with our Safeway card.)

Then Travis decided he had to poop like NOW... so we rushed home instead.

Flash to this morning... already leaving a few minutes later than I wanted to. Get the kids into the van... get in, and oh crap. We are on E!!!

So I stopped at the Circle K a few blocks away, and get the gas tank open, put my card in, enter my pin. "Transaction cancelled" flashes on the screen. "WTF?" I think. So I try it as a credit card transaction instead... and enter in the billing zip code. "Please see attendant" flashes on the screen. "You have GOT to be kidding me!!" I say out loud, and close, gas tank, get back in the van and drive over to another pump at the same station. I repeat this exact scenario with exactly the same result.

I was just so damned mad. I KNOW there is nothing wrong with my card or our account... and Jeff just put his paycheck in the bank the other day! I got in the car and drove off. I hoped, and hoped, and HOPED we were able to get to another station before we ran out of gas right smack dab in the center of Gang-central.

I found another station, and thank goodness it worked! I think I need to start carrying $40 in my wallet for just this reason.


Nellie said...

The SAME thing happened to me last month. I knew there was more than enough in the account to cover a tank of gas but the transaction was cancelled. I freaked and called the bank because about two years ago my card was swiped (I think at a coffee shop window...ON BASE!) and the number was used in a GA Wal-Mart. $700 later some toothless wonder had a major stock of crap!
Any way, I totally understand the panic! :)
Oh, and the eating thing. People are always saying I 'eat like a bird' -but it works! I eat all day and have reaped benefits for years. Yay you! 4.8 lbs since Monday!

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