Mom of My Dreams

Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend review...

We had a fairly great weekend. Some old friends of ours who had a band in the late 90's got back together for a "one last hurrah" reunion show Saturday night at a seedy sports bar up where the in-laws live. So after the kids were tucked into bed at Grandma's house, we slipped out for a few hours of kid-free time for the first time in far too long.

Yesterday we took the kids to the movies. Toy Story 3 was a-mazing. We opted to see it in 2D since we were taking both kids. They were both pretty well-behaved, but then again, we kept a steady, yet very controlled stream of smuggled-in M&Ms and Junior Mints flowing. ;)

Ashley freaked out multiple times yesterday. Like complete screaming meltdown, complete with hysterics. The last/worst one was because she wouldn't go into or stay in the Learning Tower. I draw the line when I am dealing with boiling water. Must stay safe. I ended up putting her in her room (with a baby gate) and just letting her scream for a few minutes while I finished making dinner for the kids.

So, yeah. I am trying to keep from being driven nuts by these kids this summer. It's not working out quite so well so far.

The good news is, I lost another almost 3 pounds in the last week. Down 28.6 since March! :)

Monday, June 14, 2010


I swear, I am the world's Lamest blogger. I have had a blog since like.... 1999... yet this time around... I can't seem to keep an update schedule going.

What I have managed to do is start running/walking regularly... 1-3 miles 2-3 times a week. I signed up for the San Francisco Marathon Progressive Marathon in July. I have lost another 3.4 pounds since this time last month, bringing my total since March 1, 2010 down 25.6 pounds. It was coming off fast at first, and then once I started running, it crept to a crawl.

I'd see .2, .4, .6 pounds of loss a week.

Slowly, slowly... and so, then I gained 4 pounds a couple of weeks ago. Inexplicably so... I have been diligent in my efforts. And even exercising regularly for the first time in years. So, those 4 pounds... they took several weeks to take back off. Over the last week I have lost tiny bit more than 5 pounds. Oh, and this was the week I took OFF of running. Go figure.

The SF Progressive is a little over a month away. The furthest I have run this far at a time is a bit over 2 miles. And now? Travis is out of school. The toddler is enrolled in gymnastics twice a week, and Travis has camp Tues-Friday. Yeah, way to screw up my program, right? ;0)

So, I guess I will need to start setting my alarm for 5:45 like I used to do back in high school when I needed to make up Chem Labs... except I will be sweating instead of thinking. But I will look forward to it with the same level of enthusiasm. HA! :P