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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Simple things

I have started purging the crap from our lives. The plastic-y crap the kids have has multiplied exponentially despite my best intentions. Ahem. Grandparents... I am looking at YOU! Anyway... too much crap, not enough space... overwhelmed with everything. So, out it goes. I really am wanting to pare down. In a big, big way. Then everything will have its place and I will spend less time LOOKING for stuff and more time DOING stuff. Or at least that is my plan...

I flat-out told the Grandparents NOT to buy Ashley anything for her birthday besides a kitchen from here:

Hope they will pool together so it's less $$ for everyone... and then we will not have random plastic battery-driven-noisy crap from 3 sets of Grandparents continuing to clutter up our lives.

I don't care if they are happy with me... none of US are benefiting from the amount of sheer crap the kids own between the two of them. As a matter of fact, 80-90% of the Christmas toys have been broken, tossed, or just plain ignored.

The Easter baskets this year will have some candy (of course), but mostly playsilks, bubbles, books, and art supplies... maybe a knitted outfit for Ashley's newest doll... None of the random dollar-spot crap that breaks into pieces after mere seconds...

I plan on melting down some of the old broken crayons and making new crayons with them.

Simplifying seems to refreshing... or am I just getting old? :)


Nellie said...

You're not getting old! I have been working on this for a few weeks now -close to a month. Just tossing/reselling and it feeeels good. It's amazing how stuffed the kids' rooms still look, though. I have resolved to do the same thing: a little candy/treats and then some useful stuff in the Easter basket! We're awesome, that's all...

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