Mom of My Dreams

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sickies... and a silver lining

So we ran the 3K Saturday! Yay! Actually it wasn't so bad at all. Of course, we did walk a few times. Travis came down with a fever Friday afternoon, so I doubted we'd even end up going. But, he woke up Saturday ready to go, despite a bit of a cough. I figured we could bow out early if if figured to be too much. But, he was such a trooper! :)

The weekend had a rapidly downward spiral after that... fever came back, there was one instance of hurling (him) and as the day wore on I got a sore throat. Of course I felt like I was hit by a train Sunday morning! Achy, sore throat, the whole deal.

Of course, little Man stayed home Monday.

Monday evening I got a terrible stabbing pain in my ear out of the blue, including vertigo. it was awful! Since Travis was also clearly getting worse, I decided we both needed medical attention. Jeff left work early, and we went to "Doc in the Box" and waited, waited, waited. Almost 2 hours in the waiting room. Thank goodness for T's iPod Touch!! He was great. We waited another 45 minutes for the doctor, and I made it clear to anyone listening that it was unacceptable. Maybe it should be called DOCTOR on Duty not Doctors. :P

We both were diagnosed with matching ear infections, and I also have a sinus infection. Yay. Z-packs all around. :P

Now Ashley is all congested and unhappy too. Poor baby. I hope she makes it out without any added sickness.

The only thing worse than seeing your babies sick and unhappy is being sick and unhappy yourself while trying to care for them.

Hoping this next week is a better one! :)

The Good News is, I am down 5.6 pounds since last week! (Even with my "monthly visitor.")

Crazy, huh? The craziest part?! My total weight loss since March 1st is 22.4 pounds! To put that into perspective, I have lost nearly the equivalent weight of ASHLEY!!! (She's 23 pounds, tiny little thing, huh?)
I hit my 10% weight loss goal, and my weight starts with the number "1" for the first time in... forever! :D

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bad blogger

I seriously suck at this updating thing. Really.

Pretty typical around here lately... Kids are great, driving me nuts daily with their fighting and whining and not listening. Nothing new.

I am behind on things I haven't even started yet. Does that even make sense?

I need to mop the floors today but it is an exercise in futility. Ashley tries yes TRIES to make herself slip and fall anytime the floors are wet. Yes, she is THAT crazy!

Instead I will take the kids shopping and make chicken soup this afternoon. I am seriously contemplating making grilled cheese and ham sammies to go with and calling it dinner.

I would adore an early bedtime (for them) so we can catch up on Lost before I am so wiped out I can't keep my eyes open.

We'll see if that happens though...

~ Christine

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Well, Baby Girl's 2nd birthday came and went. We are doing her party this weekend with family. Her play kitchen is on its way. So she got a Melissa & Doug cooking set to hold her over until it arrives. :)

Also, she has a fever and threw up last night. Dealing with crankiness, unwell, icky diapers is no fun. Hope she is back to her old crazy self soon! :)

I am tired, and just kinda bleh today from lack of sleep. I have had a shower and 2 cups of coffee. Need to eat something. Just hoping both that I can keep myself well, and that the rest of the family doesn't get the ick too.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Trying her damndest...

I swear this little girl is TRYING to land herself in the ER before her 2nd birthday.

Friday night she crashed into the entertainment center and busted open her lip.

Saturday she was running in her socks while we were packing up the car to go to the in-laws. She slipped on the Pergo and fell right on her head.

Sunday she was (again) running inside this time at my in-laws.She fell and scraped a small spot on her cheek (about the size of a pencil eraser diameter - and only the 1st layers of skin but it still looks icky)

Monday (Just now) I just changed a poopy diaper and sat her on the counter like I always do to wash hands. She CRASHED headfirst into the mirror. No rhyme or reason. Just trying to out herself in the hospital, I swear!! Thankfully she "only" has a red raised mark on her forehead from that.