Mom of My Dreams

Friday, February 25, 2011

Obviously different from her brother.

I just heard the sound of water running in the bathroom.

Me: "Ashley, what are you doing, honey? Come out of the bathroom."

Ashley: "I'm just washing my hands because I touched my 'bagina.'"


Saturday, February 12, 2011


Well, I missed a certified letter the other day... so we're going to have to go to our ghetto-ass Post Office to get it. I'm certain it's the formal letter from our lender demanding payment. So, we're looking at moving (probably) in the next 3 months. I suppose, it could be longer... but assuming shorter is probably a good thing.

I'm relieved, anxious, and excited. "There's no place like home." Can't wait to be back.

In other news, I started a diuretic last week... and besides peeing 11,000 times a day, no ill-effects. This is good for a couple of reasons

1. I have lost a couple of pounds just from the water weight.

2. It's a sulfa-based drug, and we were trying it out - I have had a previous reaction to sulpha in the past. So, this opens the door to try the other medications my doctor wanted me to take, but couldn't due to the sulpha-allergy concerns.

In other news, I'm running a 5K tomorrow morning... I did it on the treadmill the other day, and am feeling good, so, yay.

Ready to go out with the family and enjoy the sunshine.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Well that sucked.

The new medication caused a list of side effects within a very short time. Stomach cramps, joint pain, numbness in my hands and feet, itching like crazy. So, nope. Tomorrow I go in for another appointment and hopefully start something else that won't make me feel like utter crap.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

A healthy mama is a happy mama

I broke down and joined a gym. I figure... I am NOT going to be able to train for a half-marathon if I can't even get 1/2 mile in before Ashley freaks out in the jogger. So, I got on a month-to-month agreement with a gym 3 minutes from home... and went Tuesday night. I was planning on going yesterday, but I had to fast for some bloodwork until 11:30am... meaning no caffeine either. Oh, the day-long headache that ensued. :( On that note, I am going to cut down on caffeine as well.

My triglycerides are "BEAUTIFUL!" (52) according to my doctor. YAY olive oil! And my HDL (59) and LDL (76) are ok, a little tiny bit higher than optimal... so he wants me to eat more fish/take fish oils (I was taking fish oils for a long time, and then they started to make me feel icky)

I am starting a new medication for BP (a calcium-channel blocker) and gradually getting off of the Labetalol I have been on since I was only 6 weeks pregnant with Ashley. My cardiologist thinks once I start exercising regularly again, I will drop more weight, and my BP will stay down longer, and hopefully I can get off of meds completely.