Mom of My Dreams

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Hanging in here... just barely on some days. The 5k is on the 25th, and I seriously am not ready. I have barely been able to run since T has been out of school. Between busy days, 4 days per week driving 35+ minutes to camp, and the same drive back home. And also the whole feeling like I have a weird painful callous on the ball of my foot whenever I DO run. Ouch. And sigh. Add gymnastics for Ashley 2 of those days which start 15 minutes after Travis is dropped off at camp... across town. So, we walk in 5 minutes late on good days. Also, Jeff has such a non-traditional schedule... it's all I can do to make sure he's home on time for me to go knit on Mondays. After, oh, a year?! :P

The dieting is bleh. The same 5 pounds come and go, and come again. For the last 6 weeks??! After the race we have a Tahoe Trip the following week. When we get back, I am going to buckle down and only eat "filling foods" and try to get back on the exercise wagon. Maybe I need a treadmill after all?

I just feel so flat-lined right now. I need a shake-up.