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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Slow going...

We starting sorting through the chaos that is our garage this weekend... wow. Just wow. We have accumulated so much STUFF!! Honestly, some of it isn't even ours... we're storing a bunch of stuff for my mom and Jeff's sister. Also, a ton of baby equipment that will be re-homed between Jeff's cousin due in March with a baby boy, as well as our good friends finding out they are newly expecting.

Even cardboard boxes from both TVs, and such we've saved in case they need to be returned... all broken down and will be taken to the dump. This move is going to suck and be amazing at the same time...

I checked out a friend of a friend's house for rent a couple of weeks ago. It was very cute, and cozy... but had some flaws. The most obvious isn't a flaw, really. It is available NOW. We are... well...not.

Also, the kitchen storage and counters (or lack thereof) - yeah. I think the kitchen for me is the #1 place I spend time. So, it's really important that that room be substantial. I know I am not going to find anywhere with as many drawers and cabinets as I have now...not to mention the island with the power plug. Sigh.

But honestly... it's all secondary to THIS! (drop down to "show 100")

Near daily homicides, attempted homicides, robberies... it's just insane.

I don't feel safe running in my own immediate neighborhood. New graffiti surrounding our neighborhoods is a daily sight. I have the graffiti-abatement on speed-dial. It just sucks.

So, it's going to take a lot of effort and time, but know it will be more than worth it. Feeling safe just can't be undervalued.


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