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Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Travis has always been kind of... different.

He's always been mellow, yet high-strung.

Confident, yet freaked out.

Slow to meet milestones.

He's had challenges - and didn't potty train until after he turned 4.

He's had always had motor skills issues. Routines, compulsions (light switches, pressing buttons, locking doors)

Repetitive tendencies. He repeats certain words, phrases, sounds. Things he hears on TV.. It has always driven me nuts.

Zippers and snaps confound him.

Buttons? Not a chance.

Shoe laces. Are you kidding me?

Food textures. Smells, He has a low gag-reflex.

He has always hated haircuts, getting his nails cut, showers, going to the dentist, brushing his teeth. Loud noises.

Sticky, muddy things. Finger paint. Sand. Clothing tags are always cut off. Socks with seams do not live in his sock drawer.

Yeah... all these seemingly "small" things are big things to him. I wrote most of them off as him just being particular... but I always wondered if there was something more.

I got him evaluated by an Occupational Therapist. She is certain he has Sensory Processing Disorder.

All these things together... combined with his inability to sit still, write legibly, hold a pencil correctly, cut food with the side of his fork... things we've been over and over again... frustrating things... there is a reason besides being stubborn, or lazy, or just defiant.

I ordered "The Out-of-Synch Child" as well as "The Out-of-Synch-Child Has Fun" from Amazon last night. I guess I have some reading to do.


Nellie said...

wow, christine. that's a lot to soak in. the awesome part is it's not more than SPD and you've got such a sweet boy. xoxo.

Christine said...

Thanks Nells!! I was sooo hoping it wasn't something on the spectrum... We just need to get him some help through his school district... Hopefully we can get his motor skills up to par!

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