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Saturday, January 29, 2011

End of an Era

Tonight I made a decision. I read the kids their story, and tucked them into bed. Ashley was fidgety, and not wanting to go to sleep. We played musical beds for a bit, and she popped up and wanted back next to me.

I took her in my arms and rubbed her sweet face and ruffled her curly hair. "Ashley lovey, this is the last time we're going to nurse."

She looked at me, puzzled. "the milkies are all gone?"

"Yes, sweetie. You're a big girl now, and almost 3. Mommy will always snuggle with you, though. I love you."

She nodded, understanding. "I want to nurse one more time."

So, she did. She curled up in my arms. She patted my breast, and absently pulled at my tanktop. She snuggled into me for the odd-thousandth time, perhaps.

She nursed, and I felt her breathing regulate. She started to drop off to sleep and unlatch. Then she re-positioned herself in her sleep and nursed some more.

I kissed her hair, my arm encircling her head. I inhaled the sweet smell of my pre-schooler, committing this moment to memory.

I listened to the music on in the background and relished the calm and quiet. Then I fell asleep next to my sweet little girl.

~ Christine


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