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Friday, June 24, 2011

Keep on running....

I assure you... all two of you who actually read this irregular-disaster of a "blog"... I am still very much alive and well...

I have thrown myself in the 1/2 Training - well, the short version here (and not so faithfully cross-training BAD ME!)I got up at the ass crack of dark o'clock (4:45am) to run my 3 miles today. I was up at 6:00am to run 5 miles last Saturday before heading up to my in-laws. I am doing 6 miles this Sunday (rounding it to an even 10k) Speaking of... I am thinking of running the Spreckles 10k on the 4th of July. The only thing keeping me from registering is that I'm not sure if Jeff's off that day yet. I bought a pair of Vibram Bikilas but I have still yet to wear them for more than a mile.

I am absolutely terrified of the hills. I need to go run up AND down some very soon. I am under no illusions that training on the 'mill is far from optimal when you're looking at a course fraught with hills. Way to pick the HARDEST 1/2 for your first one, Christine. Overachiever. :P

Also, have been faithfully doing the "Green monster" smoothies for the last week. I really think they are helping a lot along with the exercise... my mood is stabilizing once again. I'm also spending a lot more time outside with Ashley during the week out and about. Travis has been going to day camp every weekday but Tuesdays. Next week it's 5 days. It's pleasant - except for all the driving - but I am pretty much used to it by now. Being out all the time, I'm largely neglecting my house, and all that entails but that's kind of how it has to be for now.

I wonder when(?) if(?) I will ever consider myself a true "runner" rather than someone who is just running. Is there a magic moment where the drudgery just falls completely away? I am feeling it bit by bit. I put my headphones in, and crank up my playlist, and I know that no one is going to bug me for the next however many miles. I enjoy that part, immensely.


Nellie said...

then i'd venture to say you're a RUNNER! i have to say, after half-assing some training and running the 1/2 up in the mountains outside of santa cruz...TRAIN ON SOME HILLS, NOT THE 'MILL! it kicked my ass. big time. even if you just do some hip flexor exercises (there are a ton in the insanity videos i've been doing) you would be better off!
glad you're well. thanks for the update!! :)

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