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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My timing is amazing, as always.

So, I ran 6 miles last Sunday with only a couple of blisters, walked away from a fender bender last Monday unscathed... and then.... Tuesday I twisted my stupid ankle/hurt my foot. I was coming into the house after the sprinklers had watered outside... and slid on our tile entry. With bags of groceries in my hands... Ugh. No gym last week, and it still is a bit tender right at the top of my foot near my outer ankle bone (right foot)so GREAT!! Next weekend we are off to Disney and WALKING A LOT... and when we get back I will embark on the HOLY CRAP 1/2 MARATHON on JULY 31st freakout Training Plan. (patent pending)

Pray for my soul... if you're into that type of thing.


Nellie said...

NOT COOL!! hope you're feeling better. i'm sure the kids wouldn't mind rides in a wheel chair! i had to do disney that way once, after a surgery. i have to say, it wasn't so bad. just remember to hobble around after you get up so people don't stare too hard. :)

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