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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Stuff for the New Year

There are some goals I have for the New Year... I won't use the "R" word... those always seem to fade into the ether by March.

No, these are just things I want to do or work on... for myself and others.

~ Actually follow through with Project 365

~ Become a better photographer... and actually be able to take my camera off of auto with consistent results this year

~ Take MORE pictures
~ Scrap MORE

~ Try to incorporate more fun, whimsy, and joy in my life daily

~ Move more

~ Spend less

~ Stress less

~ Enjoy the little moments

~ Say "yes" to more often to my kids

~ Say "no" more often to non-family and friends wanting my time and energy

~ Look into IUD or other method of BC - DONE started the Nuvaring 12/30/10

~ Spend more ALONE time with hubby ;)

~ Date night with hubby once a month... even if it's just ordering takeout and watching a movie after the kids are in bed.

~ Spend quality 1-on-one time with each child daily. (even if it's only 10 minutes!)

~ Spend time with each child separately weekly if possible (and errands don't count)

~ More consistent bedtime routines for the kids.

~ Continue to purge "stuff" from our lives - especially as we are preparing for a move.



Nellie said...

awesome stuff to work on. i have to tell you that after john got back we experienced some "issues" with turner. long story short: we all benefit from complete non-errand dates with the kids. i took both T & D to the store while john got to play with E. john was so happy. it really makes a difference in our world! turner thinks he's hot stuff when i take him to the book store to get a "coffee."

Miss Allie said...

Alone time with each kid is really something I need to work on, but really what parenting thing isn't on that list nowadays

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