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Monday, April 5, 2010

Trying her damndest...

I swear this little girl is TRYING to land herself in the ER before her 2nd birthday.

Friday night she crashed into the entertainment center and busted open her lip.

Saturday she was running in her socks while we were packing up the car to go to the in-laws. She slipped on the Pergo and fell right on her head.

Sunday she was (again) running inside this time at my in-laws.She fell and scraped a small spot on her cheek (about the size of a pencil eraser diameter - and only the 1st layers of skin but it still looks icky)

Monday (Just now) I just changed a poopy diaper and sat her on the counter like I always do to wash hands. She CRASHED headfirst into the mirror. No rhyme or reason. Just trying to out herself in the hospital, I swear!! Thankfully she "only" has a red raised mark on her forehead from that.


Nellie said...

she and eli would really just combust if they ever got in the same room!!

Food Notes said...

aww at least she'll be a tough one when she grows up, a non-complainer!

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